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Wetting Agent

Bio-Organics™ are proud to announce the release of our range of Wetting Agents. Australia’s water shortage has forced water restrictions to become more severe, which means saving every drop of water has become even more important. Bio-Organics™ Gro-Tonic™ Wetting Agents aim to do exactly that. They penetrate deeper to retain water for longer in the areas that require it the most.

Our Products

Gro-Tonic Better Wetter

Gro-Tonic™ Better Wetter

Gro-Tonic™ Better Wetter is a ‘Super Wetter’. It helps to overcome the effects of waxy organic coatings on the surface of soils and organic matter. This then allows water to move into the soil through the pores. Better Wetter reduces water usage, improves water penetration and absorption, and reduces plant stress.

Gro-Tonic Soil Penetrator

Gro-Tonic™ Soil Penetrator

Gro-Tonic™ Soil Penetrator will enter deep into the soil structure and individual soil particles. Soil Penetrator will allow water to flow to the treatment zone as well as greatly reduce water evaporation rates from the soil. The Polymers used in Soil Penetrator attract and hold water which improves moisture retention levels. This action will also help hold fertilisers around the root zone reducing loss and leaching.