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Liquid Fertiliser

Bio-Organics™ are proud to announce the release of our purpose made liquid fertilisers. Bio-Organics™ realises different plants have different requirements and our liquid fertilisers aim to meet each of them. The Gro-Tonic™ range is designed to feed the plants when the plant requires it and can be applied all year round, continually helping to improve the soil.

What is Bio-Brew™?

Bio-Brew™ is a proprietary biological ferment that is bustling with beneficial bacteria! Bio-Brew™ is a soil and plant stimulant like no other. It is the secret behind delivering maximum nutrition and protection to the plant while delivering benefit to the soil.

Our Products

Gro-Tonic for Roses

Gro-Tonic™ for Roses

is designed to be a complete food for all varieties of roses.
Gro-Tonic™ for Roses can be used as a foliar spray during the cool of the day, although watering directly into the root ball will provide the best results. The secret behind Gro-Tonic™ for Roses is Bio-Organics™ ability to combine CALCIUM with other major elements, creating the best liquid food for your roses. Gro-Tonic for Roses will give your plants extra vigour and vibrancy, as well as longer lasting blooms.

Gro-Tonic for Flowering & Potted Plants + Bio Brew

Gro-Tonic™ for Flowering & Potted Plants + Bio Brew™

is a uniquely blended, organically based product. It supplies all the plants nutritional requirements including Calcium and Magnesium, the two elements often left out of standard plant foods. This is especially important for worn out soils regularly found in pots. Gro-Tonic™ for Flowering & Potted Plants + Bio Brew™ will help to keep your soils microbial activity alive while also keeping lush plants all year round.

Gro-Tonic for Fruiting Plants + Bio-Brew

Gro-Tonic™ for Fruiting Plants + Bio-Brew™

is a specialised liquid food like no other. Gro-Tonic™ for Fruiting Plants possesses all the fantastic and unique qualities of Bio-Brew™. These qualities are essential for that vital stage when it is time for your plant to set its fruit. Gro-Tonic™ for Fruiting Plants will support your plant to produce larger, sweeter and most importantly delicious fruit to eat.

Gro-Tonic for Citrus Plants

Bio-Organics™ Gro-Tonic™ for Citrus Plants

is designed specifically for its variety. It is designed to give the plant added strength and vibrancy. This makes the plant healthier and therefore allows it to produce juicier citrus fruit. The secret to achieving this is CALCIUM and Magnesium which Bio-Organics™ have fused together with other major elements, creating the best complete liquid fertiliser for citrus plants available. Taste the difference with Gro-Tonic™ for Citrus Plants.

Gro-Tonic All Purpose for Gardens + Bio-Brew

Gro-Tonic™ All Purpose for Gardens + Bio-Brew™

is a liquid fertiliser designed to help meet your garden’s food requirements. Bio-Organics™ uniqueblending method allows the inclusion of Bio-Brew™ and all the trace elements, as well as calcium, into a liquid fertiliser. This creates a well-balanced food for your garden. Encourage your plants to be bigger, brighter, healthier and stronger with Gro-Tonic™ All Purpose for Gardens.