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Bio-Organics Gro-Tonic Root Defender

Bio-Organics™ Gro-Tonic™ Root Defender

is designed to be added to all water used on all varieties of plant life.
Water usually contains pathogens which can be harmful to the root system, so the purpose of Gro-Tonic Root Defender is to sterilise this water making it more beneficial to your plants.
Gro-Tonic™ Root Defender will help your plant to have an increasingly healthy root mass.
Healthy roots have an added number of feeder hairs for which the plant uses to uptake water and nutrients, therefore providing you with a healthier plant and also greater resistance to disease. Gro-Tonic™ Root Defender works well in hydroponic conditions as well as in the soil.

Bio-Organics™ Gro-Tonic™ Growth & Gro-Tonic™ Bloom

is a single part hydroponic nutrient which combines all the elements essential for plant growth in one formulation.
The balance of nutrients in Gro-Tonic™ Growth & Gro-Tonic™ Bloom means that your plant will require fewer nutrient changes and will be greener and healthier. Due to your plants renewed strength, its draw on the nutrients in the solution will be high, and therefore the pH of the solution will require regular adjustments. These adjustments indicate that your plant is growing at its optimum capacity and is demonstrated through successful commercial growers who are constantly attending to the pH and E.C values.