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Beautiful flowers, luscious vegetables and other plants thrive in will cultivated conditioner enriched soil. Bio-Organics’ soil conditioners are natural, high performance, ready-made garden compost. It is free of dust and silky to touch.
It maximises drainage in clay soils, has excellent moisture retention in sandy soils and it opens and aerates the soil for an even distribution of water.

Benefits of Bio-Organics’ Soil Conditioners:

  • Reduces watering time;
  • Lessens root disease potential;
  • Allows excess water to drain;
  • Increases water penetration;
  • Enhances fertiliser and pesticide delivery;
  • Increases uniformity and quality of plants and turf;
  • Ensures thorough wetting of the soil, eliminating dry spots.

Applying Soil Enricher

Soil Enricher

Our top grade Soil Enricher is formulated for special landscape requirements. It is a nutrient rich blend containing high quality base materials of peat, organics and compost. It is a product we have specifically designed for a number of our landscaping clients for high profile projects.

Applying Soil Booster

Soil Booster

This is a formulated product of Soil Enricher with added ingredients exclusively intended to benefit alkaline soils.

Garden with Premier Landscape Builder

Premier Landscape Builder

A ready-made soil mix specially blended with a quality base of materials consisting of soils, organics and composts. It is a product designed for building garden beds.

Universal Compost

Universal Compost

A great product for nutrient deficient clay soils.